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Design is the fifth generation template. It is robust, flexible and universally browser-compatible, having a Web 2.0 styled design. The HTML code is very slim, and thus easy to handle. Due to its flexible and modular nature, the template can be used for any type of website, such as a personal, educational, business, blog or portal homepage.


Design contains a large number of design features, both in the grid (layout) styles as well as for the content (text) styles. There are numerous grid building blocks and lots of different content styles such as headings, text, lists, quotes, images, links, tables, menus, contact forms, login forms, search forms and multimedia content. The header area can easily and quickly be adapted to your needs. The ordering of the subcontent section can in one step be easily reversed, moving the subcontent section from the right side to the left.

Audio and Video

A new exciting feature introduced in Design is the support for embedded audio and video content to be played from your website. The necessary code and flash player support files are all in place, so you only need to enter the names of your audio or video file names to make your multimedia content ready to go.


The Basic Template Package contains all the HTML, CSS and image files necessary to run the template. This corresponds to the package downloaded from various open source webdesign homepages. See the Basic Template Package Tutorial for further instructions. This package does not include the media player. To give you the files necessary for multimedia content, download the Media Package (see the Media Package Tutorial for further instructions). If you want to modify the various graphical elements, such as the logo, flags, icons to suit the needs of your website, then you find the files needed in the Graphics Package (see the Graphics Package Tutorial for further instructions).

The Full Template Package contains all of the above three packages combined into one package (see the Full Template Package Tutorial for further instructions). Installing the Full Template Package automatically includes a setup of the Media Package, so you are ready to go with your multimedia content from the very start. The Full Template Package is only available from the official Design homepage.


Design will enjoy a long-term future support because I have chosen this template to become the design for my own personal website. New releases will come whenever improvements or bug corrections are made in design or code.

Getting Started

If you want to begin right away, go the Design Tutorial and get started in ten easy steps.


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